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High Flying Hell

Elliot Adams lazily swirled her finger in a tiny mound of powdered sugar and licked her finger, dotting it in white. She sat at a table in the newsroom, with all the pictures from the darkroom spread before her, listening boredly to layout editors bitch at each other.

Her less than mind-taxing reverie was broken, however, when almost simultaneously, a crime beat reporter and Jameson stormed into the room, barking orders. In a whirl, Elliot had been awoken to action, realizing what was going on.

Fumbling for her camera strap, she threw it around her neck, latching onto the group who flew down the stairs and out the door of the elevator.

"We have no idea where he is. We have no idea who the girl is. Hell, he hasn't been around for ages!"

Elliot shook her head, confused, leaning over in the crush of people to face the boyish reporter who had spoken this incredulous statement.

"What the hell are you talking about!? I thought we were following a chase, a-a- kidnap attempt?"

The entire throng sort of stared at her in disbelief and the reporter shook his head.

"We ARE Adams. Look, you weren't here. We're on the trail of that Green Goblin, he's got a girl!"

"In his car?"

"On a fucking glider, you-," but he was cut off as the cabbie swerved, stopping in their tracks and pointed out the windows. The journalists followed his finger, staring in horror as the Goblin, cackling, carried a screaming redhead off in his arms. People jumped out of their cars, watching as well and Elliot bit her lip, raising her camera to the heavens, wishing she was anywhere but watching that.

The shutter clicked.

"Where is Parker when you need him?"
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