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A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

A crescent moon slowly rose above the darkened city. A faint sound could be heard as a tall figure zipped about the skies. He came to rest on a rooftop taking the form of the gargoyles sitting next to him. The figure sat motionless watching the streets below just listening.
He lifted his head toward the skies as he heard a sound all too familiar. It sounded almost like his boots, but had a deeper pitch. In the distance he could see a figure soaring smoothly on a bat shaped glider. He moved to stand but thought better of it and remained motionless in the shadows.
There he is. But he’s damn near impossible to beat in the sky. How do I get an advantage? What to do…
He watched as the glider sped towards him weaving through the buildings. It turned past the building he was perched on and sped onward into the night.
Wonder where he thinks he’s going…
Waiting until the figure was at a safe distance he fell from his perch activating his boots and hovering for a moment finalizing his plan.
Can’t hurt to find out…..
With that he disappeared into the shadows after him, always keeping far enough away so as not to be detected.

As the figure slowed to a coast he angled toward a familiar mansion, landing on the roof.
I know this place…..this is Osborn’s place. Aw damn… he’s taking another hostage.
Stowing the glider, he crossed his arms and gazed at the skyline for a moment in an almost possessive manner.
What is he doing? Daedalus froze for fear of being seen, then quickly moved behind a smoke stack when Goblin turned away.
That’s when the Goblin removed his helmet, wiped his brow and headed down the stairs and into the building.
Underneath the hard expressionless mask a look of disbelief swam across Daedalus’s countenance.
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