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Earlier that evening ...

Not even an hour before Daedalus observed the Green Goblin's unmasking on the roof of Tudor Hills, the jade-armored menace had been busying himself with another task at hand ...

Osborn, I don't see why you have to make ME do your ethical bullshit.
I told you
, his arguably better half countered, there's more to it than just the mess with Mary. The man had a severe lack of respect for his higher-ups. And anyone who thinks he can tell us what to do ...
Deserves to die. I concede this once, Osborn. Besides. It'll be a good warm-up for this evening. ... Tonight, the Spider DIES.

Arcing the glider downwards, winding around the silhouette of the Oscorp building, the Goblin touched it down in an alleyway and strode out down the near-deserted streets, toward a small newsstand.

Its proprietor, Derek, muttered various obscenities as he took another drink from the bottle in his left hand, trying to fix the door to the newsstand with his right. "I shouldn't be here this fuckin' late," he muttered. "... fuckin' Jeanoit and her devil-worshippin' ..."

"You're right. You shouldn't. ... It's dangerous after dark in New York," the Goblin glossed, stepping up behind him.

Derek whipped around, bracing himself against the wall. "Th' fuck!?" His eyes widened. "Holy shit! Ohh, SHIT! What did I ever do to you!?"

A low chuckle issued from behind the mask. "Oh ... you went and did something Reeeeeally stupid. You went and pissed me off."

"You ... I don't even KNOW you, man!" Derek shook his head frantically.

"Of course you do." With that, the Goblin grabbed him by the throat, holding him aloft. "And you're going to wish you didn't."

The newsstand owner squirmed, shrieking for a moment, until realization mingled with the panic in his eyes. "... No ... no ... you can't be ..." He swallowed thickly, eyes glazed over with terror.

The Green Goblin let the yellow mirrors lift from his eyes, and they crinkled up at the corners as he grinned wickedly behind the mask. "You really should treat your employees better. Even more ... you should listen when people give you advice." With that, he snapped Derek's neck, tossing him inside the broken newsstand as if he were a bundle of the papers he once sold. "Otherwise ...." He jumped lithely onto his glider as it slid up to him, chuckling. "'re better off DEAD."
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