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spidermanrpc's Journal

The World's Weirdest Spiderman RPC
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Welcome to New York.
It's not necessarily a safe New York in some places - cats and goblins and Death herself roam the night. However, for the most part, it is safe due to the valiant efforts of Our Resident Hero ... Spiderman!

*cue theme. Whether it's the cheesy 60s one, the neato 90s one, the Danny Elfman one, or the Aerosmith one is up to you.*

This roleplay meshes the events and canon of the comic book AND the recent Sam Raimi film. There's no real set direction for the plot, but rest assured it'll be FUN. :)

Some members of this community may have journals dedicated to their RPC character. If they wish, they can allow the events in their journals to mesh with the RPC. If they don't, that's perfectly fine, too. (And then there are some who do a little bit of both...)

Due to the expanding number of players, anyone who wishes to join is encouraged to send a character proposal to the maintainer of the RPC. Nothing personal, we just like to know who's coming in.

For a list of current characters and profiles, click here to be directed to page 3B of the Daily Bugle. (BIG thanks to Twink for the master list!!)