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In Nomina Atra

A shaft of light pierced the darkness of the room, but for just an instant. Mary Jane Watson raised her head, hoping that it was the figure who'd been bringing her food lately, the one who had been allowing her a few creature comforts in her state of captivity.

But no ... the brief flash of light had definately glinted off of something green.

"Hello, my dear. ... I suppose you're waiting for Spider-man to come and save you ... And you would be correct. He WILL come to save you. When I tell him to. WHERE I tell him to. Because he knows that I can kill you ... and that I WILL if he doesn't." The Goblin paused, allowing himself a small, indulgent chuckle. "But you know what? Even though he WILL come ... he won't save you." Glee permeated his tone of voice. "Because I'm going to kill him! ... And then, who knows? Probably you too! ... It's gonna be a grand old time. ... Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a message to leave."

Another brief flash of light, and he was gone. Mary Jane rested her forehead on her knees, terror-numb, wondering if it were the last light she would ever see.
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