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OOC: The RPC Comment Form:

The Spider-Man RPC Comment Form

1. Answer honestly and openly.
2. No character bashing allowed. Constructive Criticism is allowed.
3. Extended storyline ideas can be sent to me if you run out of room on the form.


I recommend watching the movie again to "get in the mood". I listened to the score and soundtrack today and got totally pumped (not just because of the Elfman-goodness)! Those of you who play canon characters can really glean a lot of information from watching the movie/cartoons or flipping through some comics. For those of you with original characters, developing a character sheet (with individual character likes/dislikes) can really open the forum for new ideas.

I'd like to thank all of you again for the positive response to my last post; it's great to hear that so many people are still interested in keeping this great RPC alive!

Take care!

- Kate
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